Small Design decisions with a large impact

I checked into a nice hotel yesterday. I was very impressed with the room and promptly set about unpacking my things. Because I had been traveling for nearly 20 hours straight, my devices were desperately in need of power.

The lamp next to the bed conveniently had an outlet in the base of the lamp.

I do not have a US spec power supply for my laptop, so I am forged to use an adaptor. Now, granted, the adaptor that I have is rather comically large, (my primary one broke and I was forced to find this rather inadequate replacement) but it does serve to illustrate a point.

By simply rotating the outlet 90 degrees, this problem would not exist. Again, I realize this is a somewhat extreme use case, but in the instance where the plug was directly on the power brick, as is the case with many devices, this would still be an issue.