Hail Storm '07

So, while enjoying a quiet evening at home last night, I noticed my cat start franticly running from room to room. She does this occasionally, so I didn’t think much of it at the time. I had become aware shortly afterward of some pretty high winds outside and it started to rain.

Then came the lightning and thunder and I figured that is why the cat was running around, even though she typically is ok during storms. Then, it sounded like kids were throwing gravel at the front window of the house. Followed by the sensation of being in a wooden box as a Caterpillar 994f dropped a bucket of gravel on you.

So, my wife and I stood in the breakfast nook and prayed that the windows would hold up to the pelting they were receiving and watched buckets of hail fall for a good 10-15 minutes last night. I had been through hail storms before, but I can never recall one that lasted this long.

If I hadn’t been so nervous about the big window that comprises one wall of my dining room, I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more than I did. In the end though, everything is in good shape (except for the plants), and hopefully the melting ice will allow some of the water that came down last night to actually soak into the ground vs running off and help out with our “drought” situation. Pictures for your enjoyment