IE Dev Toolbar v1.0 (no beta)

For those of you out there who actually bother to test against things in IE, (and subsequently tear your hair out) the IE Dev toolbar is an invaluable asset.

Up until now it has been released in various beta forms. Not anymore. It’s out there to be downloaded in all of its v1.0 glory.

What’s changed since Beta 3?
This release of the Developer Toolbar does not add any major functionality but includes a number of important reliability and “fit-and-finish” improvements. For example, the installation process will automatically remove Beta 2 and newer builds so you don’t have to do so manually, and for those of you running Windows Vista, you will not have to log off and back in to make the toolbar visible. However, you do need to restart IE and then click the IE Developer Toolbar icon in the IE6 toolbar or IE7 command bar.