What the Flock

For those of you who have hidden under a rock the past couple of days, there is a new browser making an attempt to enter the scene.  Enter “Flock“.  Interesting name for a browser until you realize that Yahoo is behind it. 

Some nice things about Flock:

-Based on the Mozilla code base
-Built in NewsReader with a very nice “Frontpage” that aggregates a folder of feeds into blurbs on a single page allowing you to select which ones you have read or not.
-Built in interface to upload items to your Flickr or PhotoBucket account
-Built in interface to right click on selected text & automatically post to your blog
-… etc.

It looks like they are going to support the same extensions & theming that Firefox does which makes sense since it is based on the “same” codebase.

This is only a .7 beta release, but it is certainly showing a lot of initial potential.  As this nears a 1.0 release, Firefox may have a serious competitor on its hands.